Tuesday, August 08, 2006

'Gold' Rush!

Amongst the frozen meatballs, box of generic "Rice Crisp" cereal, and 300 gallons of Cherry Chocolate Passion Ice Cream my grandmother and I had in our cart was an unassuming six pack. It was chosen because it was the only beer available in the market that I had never seen before, a beer that was genuinely Floridian.

Upon returning to my grandmother's condo where I had been a guest of several days, I quickly deputized her as an unofficial Drinking Buddy and cracked open a bottle of Florida Beer Co.'s Ybor Gold Amber Lager. Coming from the city of Melbourne (Fla), Ybor Gold shares its name with another Sunshine State city and begs to be pronounced as "EEE-Bore." It's just one of four different lines that come out of the company tap, each line featuring anywhere from 1-5 different brews.

As for this brew, I have to say it was good. It poured out in a beautiful golden color and a solid foam head. It seemed highly fruity, with elements of strong apple coming through. It still maintained its beer character with hearty hops crossing the finish line in strong form. The pack was so very drinkable that my grandmother and I finished it off. The next day we were at the store again pick up another sixer for her to have after I would leave. Note to The boys at FBC, retirees are your untapped market. You are welcome.

Probably the best feature of the entire beer is the handy bar graph printed on the side of each bottle: Each one tells you a little about the beer you are about to drink before you drink it! This is amazing! You can find out if you are truly compatible with the beer you select. It's like EHarmony.com! Even better! BeerHarmony.com!

...and I'm done.

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  1. Guys--

    You totally need to rip off that rating system. I'm sure it would come in handy.