Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Alton Brown Strikes Again!

If you have ever watched The Food Network, you soon realize that Alton Brown must own that network with the amount of face time he gets. He is on all the time, but always on a different show! Are they starving for programming, or is he just that good? If Alton can get so much programming, how come they don't give the chick from "Everyday Italian" 20 different shows? I would honestly watch a show that consists of just her eating random dishes. You know what, I think you would too. Sicko.

Alton is the Jack-of-all-Foods, I will give him that. He also surprises me with random beer trivia that seems to pop up every so often. Take this example of the Avocado Episode that I recently caught. In it, Alton talks about a Brazilian beer (bebidas? Vedida? Adidas?) that is made from the avocado. If you missed it, the link also provides a list of air times.

Has anyone ever tried this beer? I am trying to imagine what it would look like, let alone the taste. Guacamole with tonic water comes to mind. Then again, it works for ice cream...

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  1. The JSlnMachine8/29/2006 03:43:00 PM

    Ah,...Brazilian Beer. I can't say I've had the Avacado brew, but South American beers aren't all they're cracked up to be anyway. If you want something unique, hope accross the Atlantic and try a Belgian. I prefer (and lets see if i can spell this right) Guldendrack. Even if i haven't spelled it right, ask someone for it, try it, and love it.

    So until Alton Brown grows breasts and poses for playboy, make mine Marvel

    (wait, shit! this isn't a comic book...what am i doing here)