Monday, June 05, 2006

Post 2: Post Harder

I heartily welcome you to our new Drinking Buddies blog!

As my associate previously outlined in the very first post, a large part of this blog will be devoted to what we know best. Or at least what we think we know. As mentioned, we wrote many articles for the pure appeasement of our many adoring fans. We went all over the state to find the scoop, sometimes traveling for hours just to get sauced by a local brewer and his (or her) fine creations. We have done every kind of tour and tried almost every kind of beer, but what still astounds me is that there is still a huge amount we have yet to explore.

I do not want to mislead the blogging public, however. Drinking Buddies has been many things, but there are a few things it is just not. We're not the type of guys who build a mountain of Keystone Light and hold competitions on who can shotgun the most without puking. Not to say that we won't report on that kind of activity (or that we haven't already), but the "getting wasted" part is not a focus. Usually a side effect, but not a focus. We are also not pretentious assholes...mostly. While life is too short to drink bad beer, being too snobby about beer ruins the very thing that makes beer fun! Drinking is something that everyone with a reasonable fake ID can enjoy. If you share that sentiment, then you'll get along fine with us. Heck, maybe you'll even chime in on something you like/hate/think is OK/got "really wasted" on. It's your world, dude! We're just blogging in it.

Don't Drink and Drive
Be responsible enough to not die.
Wear a condom.
Watch out for Bird Flu.

Ok, that's all I have to say. I hope you check back and see what's "brewing" (the hit's just keep on coming!) in the coming weeks. Cheers!


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