Friday, June 16, 2006

Acquired tastes are worth acquiring

Some people like beer from the very first sip, but for many, it's an acquired taste. I fall into the former category. I recall a summer barbeque at a neighbor's when I was in fifth grade. There was non-alcoholic beer in the cooler and I asked my parents if I could try it, but the answer was "no." So my friend and I snuck a can and drank it in the side yard. The forbidden fruit was delicious. I didn't really start drinking beer until college, but the seed was planted.

The dominant stereotype, and general reality, is college guys drink beer. Hailing from Michigan State University, we here at Drinking Buddies know a thing or two about college beer life. I think many guys come to college and drink beer until they like it so they can fit in. It must take a while because I imagine it takes a while to acquire a taste for a 40 of King Cobra. Still, good beer, like an Elvis Costello album, is best appreciated when you take a long time to absorb it.

Women seem to be excused from the college beer culture, but this is unfair. I doubt that a taste for beer is testosterone-linked. Therefore, I am trying to ingratiate my girlfriend into the world of brews, but that's another post. I'll keep you updated.

Stay tuned this weekend for another beer review.


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