Sunday, June 18, 2006

Attention Hollywood: Make a beer movie

I own a copy of the Oscar Nominated film Sideways. While I can appreciate wine, I would not characterize myself as a wine person, let alone snob. Overcoming this obstacle is why I credit Sideways for making me care about wine. The brilliance of the film is getting me to care about not only the wine, but the saggy and extremely un-likeable lead actors. Only one thing could get me to appreciate the film more. That is of course beer.

But, alas, this is not a beer movie but a wine movie. Then again, has there ever been a beer movie? Honestly quiz yourself: Think of four movies about wine, where wine is central to the plot, or take place on a vineyard or in a winery (I can think of five, one of which is a Keanu Reeves movie).

Now, same question but with beer. Troubled? If I don't count the movie they show at the Guinness Brewery Tour, I am duped. This is why I am appealing to all the Hollywood exec types out there to make a beer movie. We even have a proven formula to work with:

Two men go on one last journey as they tour the beer country in Germany, or possibly the Czech Republic. Along the way they discover great beers, hot ladies (including a hot Biergarten waitress studying to become a brewer), and, of course, themselves. Rolling fields of 2-row barley set the background for the next great sleeper dramedy: Askew.

This would require that we cast a perennially support actor in the lead actor slot. Since Hank Azaria is too good looking for our sad sack anti-hero, I would suggest we give John C. Reilly a call. You may remember him as that guy who was in that movie and almost won that award for something. That's exactly the kind of memorable anonymity we need to skyrocket this movie.

Of course, The Drinking Buddies are more than willing to accept your offers as beer consultants for the film. Just remember your Oscar ballots for 2007! Askew! Coming SOON!


  1. While it is one of my least favorite fermented items, I certainly do not enjoy beer, but I do enjoy this blog! Now, if you would excuse me, I am going to read it for the first time...

  2. Write the script and I'll direct :)

  3. wow i so need in this movie- I can't act and i am not that camera freindly, that wont be a problem will it?

  4. I totally agree! This would be a great idea! I really appreciate the love and respect for beer you two fine gentlemen have. This blog will be a wonderful addition to the useless internet reading I do every day. :)

    This is Adam's friend, Teresa, by the way...

  5. There has totally been a beer movie guys! Are you forgetting 'Strange Brew', eh? If you haven't seen this movie- Shame on you! I don't think you can call yourselves "beer guys" if you haven't!

  6. to anomymous-

    Stange Brew has 1) Rick Moranis 2) Is about Canada 3) is from the 80's

    I may be able to excuse any of these thing by themselves, but together it is 3 strikes and your out.