Thursday, June 21, 2012

And we're back!

Sorry if we forgot to mention the totally planned six year break. We needed to regroup and rethink the philosophy of The Drinking Buddies blog, and like a fermenting ale, thinking can't be rushed. You might expect after six years of thought, we might be considered bodhisattvas of all things beer. Of course we are too humble to acknowledge this. What we have learned from our mediations under the mash tun is this:
Life consists of suffering flavorless beers. Suffering is caused by attachment to our beer preferences, which is in turn attached to the beers our forebears. Only by liberating ourselves from the tyranny of perpetual flavorlessness can we be truly free.
Okay, so we didn't really spend six years meditating under brewing equipment, but with any luck, time has made us ever so slightly wiser. The result of our hiatus will be a more dynamic blog. The aim is not to recapitulate the Drinking Buddies State News column, because that would be less fun for us. Each of us who contributes has different ideas about what kinds of things to post, so we are hoping for a lively mix of content. What kinds of things might you see? Ha! What kinds of things won't you see?! There will be beer news and commentary, brewing updates, tasting reports and more, all with the carefree, devil-may-care effervescence that only The Drinking Buddies can deliver.

We are hoping to expand the round of regular and irregular contributors to those with all sorts of interesting perspectives. Basically, the idea is to touch on anything interesting in beer-related activities. From pro-brewer to home-brewer, mashing to marketing, Michigan to Maryland, if it is worth writing down, we'll try to write it here. In the near future, we have festivals to attend, new beers to try, breweries opening, and various home concoctions that should be shared in their triumph/failure.

With that being said, this will not exactly be a blog dedicated to hard hitting journalism, but more of a journal of the beer and brewing world experienced by an enthusiastic few. If you feel the same way, please join us and share your experiences, too!

-Matt and Ryan

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