Thursday, September 07, 2006


This past weekend, we kicked off the football season right in East Lansing by dropping in to Crunchy's. You might recognize a similar watering hole near you by its slightly dumpy appearance, newspaper clipping and sports memorabilia decor, and grotesque amounts of beer.

I mean Grotesque.

It is literally served in buckets. Not like this. More like filled to the brim by the tap. You can get your own bucket, or use one of the house buckets. It is advisable to bring five others with you lest you succumb to alcohol poisoning.

What I have to ask is this: Is this kind of thing only acceptable in college towns? I would like access to buckets of beer wherever I go, health inspectors be damned. If you have a similar site of excess, please share! I would definitely like to find out that someone has taking social drinking to a new low in a civilized part of the world.

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