Friday, August 18, 2006

Pictures from bottling!

Thanks to my girlfriend and her birthday gift, we finally have some recent digital photos. We bottled our comedy of errors beer last weekend. It's dubbed the Drinking Buddies CyberBrown Ale, as it's the first beer we've brewed since starting our blog. I'm planning to crack one open tommorrow for a test. I'm worried because it fermented at a few degrees above the optimal temperature. Also, the original gravity was a bit lower than it was supposed to be. If it turns out, I'm distributing beer to all of my friends. If it doesn't, I might forget to mention it ever again. You'll hear about it though - good blogging either way!

Siphoning beer from the carboy to the "ale pail" ...

Filling and capping bottles and ...

Matt looking like a dork.


  1. Why is it that in any beer related picture we take, I end up looking like a dork, a drunk, or a 300lb man? I would like to think I am none of these things.

  2. No, no. You're nowhere near 300lbs.