Friday, August 25, 2006

Drinking Buddies, meet The Drinking Buddies.

It was bound to happen sometime. The Drinking Buddies have encountered their clone. And this clone is:


These lucky embryos to have survived the cloning process have grown to be more powerful than anyone had ever imagined. They are like us in every way- except that they accept photos of drinkers, allow you to create an online profile, are Canadian, and appear to enjoy posting copious amounts of male bare ass on their site. We are certainly not judging. This is just what we have discovered through research.

In addition to their all-male revue, they also seem to be doing actual research on actual topics using actual facts. This research is impressive and might actually have required them to step away from their sassy men's collection and do field work (as opposed to us, who mostly make stuff up after a 3 minute Google search).

Yes sir, our clones are prospering. We might just sign up and have our naked buttocks on the internet as well. On second thought, that may be to hasty. What if they were EVIL clones?

(Note example of universal signifier of evil: the goatee. Is you chin clean,


  1. As a proud Canadian beer drinker (and rye), I must take exception to your desciption of this web site. I have taken the time to view each and every picture uploaded to this site and I have done the math. There are only 0.365% of all the pictures submitted that appear to be male. There are 2 pictures that I can not make my mind up on and decided to count them as male. Your quote, "and appear to enjoy posting copious amounts of male bare ass on their site." may be misleading. I trust that perhaps many people reading your blog would understandably think that this site is a gay drinking buddies site. I assure you that this is not the case. As a truly red-neck canuck, I can reassure all the drinking buddies in this forum that is not a gay site. I have no problems with gays, and as a matter of fact come on up and stay at my house. We can get drunk and set you up to get married here legally.

  2. I must agree with Mytbone, "I must take exception to your desciption of this web site."

    While Canadians enjoy the fact that we are free to marry whoever or whatever we want, this web site is geared more towards lesbians than male gays.

    I also have done the math and without quoting exact figures, it is easily seen that the majority of the pictures have girls sticking out their lips rather than guys sticking out their asses.

  3. Since when does a man's bare ass mean gay? Can't a man enjoy another man's behind without being stereotyped? My personal pictures are filled with various male behinds. Am I gay? I don't think so, but...

    And in regards to the actual site, I appreciate MYTBONE's well honed research skills and wish to someday have some of my own. As a drinking buddy, I do spend much of my time drinking and, as a consequence, very little time actually doing "legitimate journalism." Our readers, thankfully, hold to a higher standard. I apoligize to the readers of if they inferred something different from this article. I like the site. I wouldn't have posted otherwise.

    So in conclusion:
    Yay Gay!
    Yay Male Ass!
    Yay Readers!

  4. After reading the comments, I had a second look at Matt's post. It doesn't mention anything about homosexuality. I found "male bare ass," "all-male revue" and "sassy men's collection." How did our first two commenters equate male with gay?

    Also, what kind of person needs to emphasize the fact that they are okay with gay people? Sounds suspiciously like "I have a black friend!"

    Still, I'm glad the patrons of have such finely-honed math skills.