Sunday, July 02, 2006

Some Drinking Buddies history

Back in the quaint days of 2004 - way before the days of Brangelina - the Dynamic Duo of Ryan and Matt (Myan? Ratt?) decided that the best way to earn beer money was to write brilliant articles about what they knew best. While the articles were less than Pulitzer material, the pay was meager, and the area of our expertise was limited to beer, the "Drinking Buddies" became a Thursday cult phenomenon in The State News. These articles are the origins of the Drinking Buddies Blog you are perusing today. Now, on the anniversary of Nothing in Particular, we have provided the individual links to the original 20+ articles that shared our love of beer with the city of East Lansing. Soon, I'll put this up as a link in the sidebar.

Beers help keep summer spirit alive (9/2/04)
Drinking Buddies: 'Tour de bar,' part 1 (9/9/04)
Drinking Buddies: 'Tour de bar,' part 2 (9/16/04)
Buddies tour tailgating spots to interview 'U' party people (9/23/04)
Drinking buddies tour wonderful wheat beers (9/30/04)
Drinking Buddies debate state of American beer (10/7/04)
Drinking Buddies give top ten tips for home brewing success (10/14/04)
Drinking Buddies discuss favorite Halloween brews (10/21/04)
Buddies explore brewery, find new beer technology (10/28/04)
Drinking buddies explain the art of creating your own brew (11/4/04)
Drinking Buddies answer imaginary beer questions (11/11/04)
Buddies enter Bell's brewery to learn the secrets of the Oberon (11/18/04)
Buddies cook with beer at Thanksbeergiving (12/2/04)
Buddies explore winter brews (12/9/04)
Drinking buddy receives visit from beer ghosts (1/13/05)
Drinking buddies analyze affordable 40-ounce beers (1/20/05)
How to be a beer snob (1/27/05)
Buddies soak up sake, Japanese beer (2/3/05)
Weird beers test taste buds (2/10/05)
Buddies inform readers on how to woo dates with cheap wine (2/17/05)
WEB ONLY: Women and beer (2/24/05)
Non alcoholic beer tastes nasty (3/3/05)
Slainté! (3/17/05) <--Our St. Patty's day special
Drinking buddies road trip across Mich., induldge in brewpub history (3/31/05)
Buddies spew beer history, find wood chips in fermentation tanks (4/7/05)
Part deux in Drinking Buddies' tour of Mich. breweries (4/14/05)
Saying goodbye with summer brews (4/28/05)

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