Sunday, July 30, 2006

Beerinator Pictures

If you read our comments section, then you have already seen this link here. If not, then I just made it a step easier for you!

These pictures were taken not by any Drinking Buddy (as noted that they are all in focus and are not of the ground), but by our reader Beerinator. You can check out this collection and all sorts of brewery locations clearly mapped out at I don't know if you are still reading, Beerinator, but thank you for the link! I would have told you directly, but your non-brewery-location comments page at the site is rather non-existent at the moment. Please, check back with us and let us know more about you!

1 comment:

  1. It was me! :)

    I am just a guy that spends a lot of time on the internet thinking about beer. You can contact me through the beermapping site or I can be reached through a gmail address that starts with beerinator.

    Are any of you guys in the background of the pictures I took?