Monday, June 05, 2006

The first post!

As I'm writing this, the blog is still less than an hour old. Having just created it, I'm taking the liberty of writing the inaugural post - introducing it to the world... the blogosphere, the internet.

I have a bunch of ideas and hopes for this blog, but first, let me fill you in a bit on our backstory. During the 2004-2005 academic year, Matt and I wrote a beer column for our college newspaper, The State News, dubbed Drinking Buddies by our editor. We had a great time writing it, racking up about two dozen Thursday articles. It was fairly popular and got a decent amout of positive feedback. Anyway, we've since moved on, thinking our beer-writing days were over. Well, we're back for a second act, and we're going to rock it!

I think this new format will be a great outlet for the Drinking Buddies. With no restrictions on format or length, we can try out different types of posts. Soon, I'll be making links to all the original State News articles so you can check those out if you like. I imagine we'll be revisiting some of the topics from those articles. In the blog, we hope to put together some longer posts that will be a bit more formal, reminiscent of the newspaper column format. But we'll also have smaller, individual updates in the interim. We'll try to get some pictures in here too to break up the text a bit and also to give you photographic evidence that we're having more fun than you. :) Also, we'll open it up to more writers than just Matt and I. Matt and I were the beer guys, but we've got some friends with pretty good taste bud that might want to have a say, not to mention our homebrewing friends and maybe even someone who can teach us a bit about wines or liquors.

Any thoughts Matt?



  1. Woot! You're back! Good to see the return fellas. I look forward to some good posts. And if you ever want to come down to Chi-town and sample some of what Illinois has to offer, I've got a futon for yah that feels very comfortable after a half a dozen pints...

    ~Tom W.

  2. Tom W. is right. Chicago is the place to be. Although I think any somewhat horizontal surface is comfortable after half a dozen pints. His logic isn't wrong though. You guys should visit chicago sometime. We can flip the bee or swim or do some archery, or even shop. I hear we have lots of places to shop. The coolest part is that you can get anywhere in the city for 2 dollars! (at least thats what your mom told me) OHHHH

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